Brussels, Belgium

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Dr. Elvira Baneth


Initial general medicine consultation

Based on this consultation, Dr. Baneth will decide if a nutrition consultation is needed. 
If a consultation is required, you will be sent a questionnaire by email and can make an appointment to see our nutritionist for the first consultation.

20 minutes: €40

1: Initial nutrition consultation

First consultation with our nutritionist.

1 hour

3: Nutrition consultation -
test results and treatment

The test results will be explained and treatment prescribed. 

1 hour: €120

4. Nutrition consultation -
follow-up (after 3 months)

30 minutes: €60

2: Medical consultation -
anamnesis, physical examination, sampling

With the aid of the questionnaire results, we will discuss your medical history. We will also conduct a physical examination and blood, urine & feces samples will be taken for analysis. 

1 hour: €120